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17 October 2008 @ 06:43 pm
Mod Post : FAQ & Support Post  
So I'm making 50 icons so you post 5 each week for 10 weeks? Or 10 icons each week for 5 weeks? Or it doesn't matter...
It doesnt matter how many you post as long as there's at lest 510 icons in each post. (There should be three visible icons as a "teaser/preview" and the rest should be behind an lj-cut.) You have 6 weeks to post 50 icons (3 months to post 100 icons). If you can post them all in one post, that's fine (remember your lj-cut). If you need an extension, you can try to request one in the claims poat.

My approved date is approaching/has past. So, can I get an extension?
You may get an extension, if there is no one else waiting to claim your subject, and you ASK for one. If I do not hear from you in a timely manner, I will assume you are no longer interested in participating, and will remove your claim. I also cannot grant you an extension, if there is another claimant for the same subject on the waiting list who is willing and able to participate after your claimed spot has expired.

Can I post the icons anywhere else, or do I have to wait until I've finished the claim?
The icons are yours, and you may post them anywhere you like, but they must be posted in this community to count toward your claim. It is also preferred that you do not post icons other than the ones for your claim in this community (multi-fandom icon dump posts are strongly discouraged). Also, if you choose to link to your icon table for your claim, it is fine, but it must be clear which icons are new for that post, and at least three icons must be posted in the body of your post as a "teaser."
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