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XF 100 - Icon Community

The Truth Is Out There...

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X-Files 100
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X-Files 100

Welcome to xf100! This is an icon challenge community where you pick one subject having to do with the X-Files (an actor, character, episode, season, ship, or rivalry) and make 50 or 100 icons based on that subject. Some of those icons must be based on the themes listed below. Other than the rules listed below just have fun!

Admin- syrenslure
Founded by - hazel_eyes_86, previously maintained by - splodge04


1. Join the group first and then make a subject requests
2. Once you've been approved you have 3 months to complete 100 icons or 6 weeks to complete 50. You may ask for an extension at any time in that 10 weeks (provided that someone isn't on the waiting list for the same claim) but your first post must take place in the first 2 weeks.
3. Each post much have at least 10 icons and must include a lj cut. (There should be three visible icons as a "teaser/preview" and the rest should be behind an lj-cut. It is also preferred that you do not post icons other than the ones for your claim in this community (multi-fandom icon dump posts are strongly discouraged). Also, if you choose to link to your icon table for your claim, it is fine, but it must be clear which icons are new for that post, and at least three icons must be posted in the body of your post as a "teaser.")
4. Your icons must always include your subject (even if other people/objects are/may be present).
5. All icons must be new and created for this challenge.
6. Once you're done, post in the hall of fame and you will get your award.

All posts should use this header:
Batch #x: (#x-#y)
Additional Notes:

//and a subject line with your claim (no "no subject" headers)//


At least half of your claim must consist of "themed" icons (25/50 or 50/100). You may use more than that if you wish, as long as you use the minimum. The rest of your icons are "artist's choice" as long as they follow the rules listed above.

01. Trust       21. Love       41. Secret     61. Touch       81. Earth
02. Believe     22. Hate       42. Special    62. Taste       82. Sun
03. Partner     23. Sadness    43. Necessary  63. Listen      83. Fire
04. Skeptic     24. Happiness  44. Inside     64. Feel        84. Water
05. Life        25. Sickness   45. Outside    65. Sight       85. Ice
06. Death       26. Pain       46. Teamwork   66. Bleed       86. Air
07. Truth       27. Confusion  47. Light      67. Dream       87. Stars
08. Conspiracy  28. Betrayal   48. Laughter   68. Kiss        88. Crazy
09. Abduction   29. Flattered  49. Fear       69. Spy         89. Beautiful
10. Monster     30. Playful    50. Sweet      70. Impersonate 90. My Drug
11. Red         31. TV         51. Ugly       71. Resist      91. So Close Yet So Far Away
12. Orange      32. Computer   52. Sacrifice  72. Easy        92. Shame Turned Into Pride
13. Yellow      33. Camera     53. Joy        73. Doll        93. it's too late to back out
14. Green       34. Movie      54. Anger      74. Rock        94. closing in on death
15. Blue        35. Music      55. Rescue     75. Paper       95. everything is over now
16. Purple      36. Dance      56. Clean      76. Scissors    96. kissed by the memory
17. Black       37. Fight      57. Locked     77. Hand        97. my strength fails me 
18. White       38. Sleep      58. Open       78. Head        98. hold on to your dreams 
19. Grey        39. Win        59. Object     79. Book        99. the obvious is hard to see 
20. Colorless   40. Lose       60. Unstable   80. Flowers    100. never meant to be so cold


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